The Covid pandemic has made us all aware of how small our world really is as not only people travel the world, but viruses do so as well.

To make sure you can outdo any Covid variety when travelling all the amazing places in Peru, we’ve introduced state of the art biosafety protocols, not just complying with the latest government regulations, but as always, a little bit extra, so you can travel with us safely without worries.

Here you will find an update on all our Covid measures to prevent the spread of Sars-cov 2 and some tips of precautions you might want to take yourself.

First of all, it’s a really good idea to avoid the crowds. Although the Covid vaccination program in Peru has been intensified over the past few months, only about 50% of the population in Peru is currently vexed. Gratefully, mortality rates have dropped tremendously, but ICU’s are still pretty full. So avoiding crowded buses and minibuses by taking a private transfer service may really be worth the little extra cost.

Government regulations as published in Ministerial Resolution #0641-2020-MTC/01, aim to consolidate and enhance safety in transport and to this offer guidelines and protocols for “the provision of the service of special transport for people in the modality of land tourist transportation”. 

At Cusco Transport we have implemented these changes to ensure your safety.

Our professional staff when picking you up from the airport, your hotel or tourist location all comply with the latest biosafety protocols to provide you with a safe and friendly atmosphere.

Here we mention the new Covid 19 safety protocols that our professional staff follow:

Our collaborators always keep our cars clean and safe.

Each time before offering our transport and tour services our company carries out a complete disinfection of the vehicles, including disinfecting the seats, doors and other surfaces inside the vehicles that are frequently touched by drivers, guides and passengers.

Of course, it also includes the sanitization of the sound system buttons, microphones (in case of large vehicles) and work equipment.

For cleaning the inside, we use 2% sodium hypochlorite solution, 70% alcohol and other disinfectants.

To prevent the spread of Covid between people (by respiratory particles), we have installed a transparent, acrylic barrier between the driver’s and passengers’ seats

Our company guarantees a minimum distance of 2 meters between people, and our drivers are glad to help with the placement and removal of luggage inside the car.

We’ve also made the use of masks mandatory for all people who are participating in the service that we provide (drivers, tour guides and passengers alike).

During day time the weather in Cusco and the Sacred Valley is usually sunny apart from an occasional shower during the rainy season (October through January). Thus to allow for some fresh air and ventilation our drivers will open the windows most of the time. If we need to use the air conditioner, our drivers will increase the frequency of  maintenance, to keep the filters of the climate control system clean. But usually they will use external air circulation. Owing to our new fleet of turistic cars, we can offer you these options during the journey.

For your convenience all our cars are equipped with a dispensary in an easily accessible place containing 70% pure alcohol gel or another disinfectant liquid of similar effect. You are welcome to use it for disinfecting your hands or possessions.

There’s a kind reminder inside the car offering some information on hygiene and care you may want to apply to prevent yourself from getting Covid during transportation.

We’ve also put some practical measures in place. In Peru it’s quite common for example, for street vendors to come and sell to passengers in a tour bus or car. We’ve decided not to allow for the trade and sale of food and beverages to passengers as well as the consumption of food and drinks inside the vehicle during services.

Besides, our drivers will recommend you to make payments by electronic methods (apps, cards) when possible. Any cash payments are to be placed on a plastic tray and the change will be disinfected with alcohol and delivered without physical contact.

Last but not least. Our drivers will check their temperature before starting our services using a digital infrared thermometer. And they are also required to check the temperature of the tour guide, and all passengers upon entering our vehicles.

 In this way we can detect in an early stage if a person’s temperature is higher than 38°C. In such a case they will not be allowed to board the car and will be taken to a health center instead to acquire a covid 19 discard test.

Surely, we will make it extremely hard for either our clients or staff to get Covid during our services, and we’ll do everything we can so you can enjoy a carefree Machupicchu tour or tourist transfer in our beautiful country.

Cusco Transport Guided Tours

Cusco Transport not only provides transportation, we also offer fully guided and customized tours to some amazing tourist attractions.

As a responsible company we’ve prioritized your safety on these tours and all our staff and guides follow government regulations, laid down in Supreme Decree N° 080-2020-PCM that approves the

“Gradual and progressive resumption of economic activities within the framework of the declaration of National Health Emergency due to the serious circumstances affecting the life of the Nation as a result of COVID-19”.

In order to provide safe and professional tours in Cusco and Peru we’ve implemented the following changes in our guided tours:

First of all, before starting the tour, our tour guide always checks that the transport to be used for the trip is clean and disinfected.

Then, upon entering the bus, our tour guide will disinfect all our passengers’ hands as well as his own, of course, with alcohol gel. Alcohol gel is kinder to the skin than pure alcohol that is used for cleaning surfaces.

Then he or she will check the temperature of each passenger using an  infrared thermometer on the wrist or forehead and write the result down in a control list.

Usually, there are no issues, but in the unlikely case anyone has a high temperature above  38°C, the person will first be taken to a health centre to discard Covid 19 before they can make use of our services.

Normally, our tour guide would like to greet and welcome you with a handshake. Now, our tour guides are asked to avoid greetings with physical contact, however.

Our tour guide will use the equipment and materials in an optimal way in order to reduce physical contact with passengers  and avoid the risk of contagion.

That’s why our guides are absolutely forbidden to share materials and equipment such as cell phones, cameras, walking sticks, sunscreens, hats, caps, face towels, sunglasses with passengers.

All our tour guides are required to use a mask and monitor the use of masks by all passengers using our tourist services.

Visiting tourist attractions

Our tour guide will ensure that there is a minimum of 1,5 metres distance between tourists when visiting turistic spots.

While entering and leaving attractions, all  passengers and the tour guide need to clean their  hands with soap and water. The tour guide will check the hand – washing points before visiting attractions.

If the places to be visited don’t have any toilets, the tour guide always brings alcohol gel to offer you.

Our tour guide will remind you to wash or disinfect your hands whenever possible and to avoid touching your eyes, mouth and nose.

Everybody should cover their nose and mouth when sneezing or coughing.

After the tour, at home, our tour guides will wash the clothes/uniforms used during the journey in a correct way.

In this way, Cusco Transport is fully committed to offering the best Covid proof service and to contribute our share to offering you one of the best holidays in the world, enjoying all the many wonders Peru has to offer. We love to see you soon!

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