Important information before leaving for Peru

Peru is a destination that can give enormous satisfaction to the most adventurous travelers and fascinated by biodiversity, who want to discover and breathe the charm of pre-Columbian civilizations and enjoy spectacular views reserving the best for people who are not afraid of work Lasted.
Peru is also beaches, nature reserves, difficult desert not to be surprised by the variety of environments.
Such a trip is obvious, it requires a little preparation and a solid organization. Here are some tips.

Hire insurance to protect yourself from unexpected events.

Let’s start by taking refuge in the unexpected, big and small. Traveling as a backpacker on the other side of the world, taking out insurance is not a bad idea.
This is to easily remedy the most trivial obstacles, such as loss or delay in the delivery of luggage, until you have essential help in case of health problems.
Making sure is easier and cheaper than you usually think, to be convinced that you only have to see everything a travel policy can offer on an example of how online solutions can meet even the most important needs of last minute. Health insurance is strongly recommended for a trip to Peru, given the deficiencies of public facilities and the costs of much more efficient private health.

There are no mandatory vaccines to enter the country, but vaccines against yellow fever and hepatitis A and B, endemic in the Amazon area and in the Andes are recommended. However, it is always important to remember not to drink water except in sealed bottles, avoid ice in drinks, do not eat raw fish unless you are sitting in a high-level restaurant.

As for the weather, from May to September the conditions are ideal for any type of excursion. In order not to miss weather updates, warnings and other useful information about the climate of Peru, you can check online the national meteorological and hydrological service of the Ministry of Environment of Peru (SENAMHI).
In the search engine just enter the location you want to reach and you will have three-day weather forecasts and temperature indications. An interesting climate map of the entire state is also available on the site, useful considering the variety of environments present in an area of ​​1,285,216 square kilometers.
The Peruvian currency is the Sun (the PEN exchange symbol is used). 1 euro corresponds to approximately 3.8 Sol. The National Superintendence of Customs and Tax Administration, known by the acronym SUNAT, provides information on taxes and exchange. The US dollar is accepted almost everywhere. The time zone marks minus 6 hours compared to Italy, minus 7 when there is summer time. We speak mainly Spanish.
If you choose to travel on the road, the Italian driving license is valid for a maximum stay of six months in the state.

Driving is on the right and to rent a vehicle you must be 25 years old. The best way to get around is to take advantage of the most popular bus lines or use internal flights, the fastest solution if time runs out and the travel stops are far away. The problem of security when traveling at night is real, robberies to the detriment of passengers on the road are not uncommon, so it is advisable to move during the day, always with due attention and minimum precautions.

When entering the chapter of travel documents, you do not need a visa to enter Peru from Italy, as long as the stay does not last more than 183 days.
Therefore, for a short holiday, it will be sufficient to have your passport with you and verify that it is valid for at least another six months from the day of arrival.
At the border, you may also be asked to show your return ticket. If a visa is required, the list of necessary documentation is also available online, for example, on the website of the Consulate of Peru in your country.

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