Tour in Lima, a city to discover.

If he says that Peru “immediately thought of the Valley of the Incas and not all travelers passing through Peru” visit Lima. Still, Lima is a cheerful and colorful metropolis, which deserves a stop for a few days.

Lima a city in the fog

Condemned to live with the garua (thin fog), the city wears a heavy coat in June until the end of October. This gloomy sky earned him the nickname “Gray Lima”, but Lima is not at all a gray color.
The capital of Peru, like all the metropolises of Latin America, is frantic: incessant traffic, pollution and honking everywhere. . A third of Peruvians live in the capital, about 8.4 million inhabitants.
The Spanish, nicknamed the “City of the Kings” and has not lost its shine since colonial times.
Lima, the first industrial and financial center of Peru, deserves a visit to its historic center, the intensity of its nightlife and its varied culinary scene.

You can not lose this

First mandatory stop in the Center, Plaza de Armas (or Plaza Mayor), the traditional heart of Peruvian cities.
Most colonial buildings are yellow, even if most of the facades need restoration.
Most of the monuments and religious buildings, built mainly after the earthquake of 1746, are located in the area, such as the Cathedral of San Giovanni, the monastery of San Francisco (with its rich wooden library) or the church of Santo Domingo. and its catacombs.
When crossing the center, it seems that it goes back in time, as when Pizarro arrived in these lands. However, the frantic activity of the Center, with its large number of stores and sidewalks full of suppliers, quickly brings us to the present.
Only the museums of the capital could occupy the entire stay. Located in Pueblo Libre, the famous Larco Museum is worth a visit for its magnificent collection of pre-Columbian art.
If you have some time, the option is wide with museums dedicated to the nation, Italian art, archeology, popular arts and traditions, gold, Peruvian culture or even Japanese immigration.
Last step and not least the view of Lima from the sky (or almost). To understand a city, nothing better to climb to the top of the hill San Cristóbal, which rises 860 meters. At its peak, the Cross of Miracles stands proudly high for its 26 meters. To access this view, choose one of the bus tours offered in the city center.

Miraflores, terraces in the Pacific

It takes half an hour to reach Miraflores by car from downtown Lima. Expanding city, the Peruvian capital has expanded over the years. With the population explosion, the rich classes “emigrated” to the Pacific Ocean, creating the Miraflores neighborhood at the end of the 19th century.

Luxury hotels, stately buildings, giant shopping center, restaurants and bars … the trend of Miraflores is now a fashionable residential area, much sought after by people from Lima and tourists alike.

Tour in Lima 2020

Perched on the Pacific, Miraflores enjoys a long sea (Malecon), decorated with a row of gardens. Among these, the Parque del Amor, which recalls the Park Güell d’Antoni Gaudí, is located a few thousand kilometers away.
From here you can admire the city to La Punta, near the port of Lima, or try paragliding. The summer of the south, when the rain finally leaves the city, the sky catches fire at sunset to offer a wide range of breathtaking beauty.

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