Live and Experience Machu Picchu with a Private Tour

Traveling to the Citadel of Machu Picchu is one of the most extraordinary experiences you will ever have. Not only will you know the beauty of the place, you can also connect with the history and energy that surrounds this magical place. There are many ways in which travelers decide to live these adventures, and there are several options offered to reach the most legendary archaeological ruins in the entire Inca Empire.

The options to travel to Machu Picchu are innumerable, the traveler can choose to arrive directly by plane, or car, or perhaps travel in a luxurious train. Whatever the desire and budget that the visitor has, the web offers multiple options to enjoy the wonders of these legendary places.

Many people are encouraged to travel in groups and share all the services offered by the different tour packages to get to Machu Picchu, depending on the type of tourist and the experience you want to live you can choose between being accompanied by several people, or just traveling alone, and want to be served with a personalized service; In that case there are also tours and packages for travelers who wish to have more comfort, freedom and above all privacy.

Private tours

Many travelers prefer to be alone during their trips, they like to live their own experiences; They are usually people who prefer not to have ties to the itineraries, and wait for other people, (this is very common during the tours with numerous people), and be able to freely choose which place you want to visit or stay for a longer time if so he wants it. That is why private tours offer many advantages making all your wishes possible.

One of the great advantages, of taking a private tour to Machu Picchu, is to have your own tour guide, this will provide you with very important data and with all the details of the millenary culture of the Latin American Country, in addition to receiving, more support and guidance on the places of more interest, in general the traveler will have more extensive information of all Inca customs and culture.

Not to mention the comfort, and the personalized treatment that the tourist will receive throughout the trip. The best thing about having an individual tour is the freedom of time that the traveler has, since he can explore the places and places at his leisure without having to comply with very tight time itineraries in addition to contemplating and feeling the mystery and energy of the Machu Picchu ruins with total freedom.

Having your own private tours is great when traveling with families or friends. The best thing is that you can ask for some activities to enjoy all together, for example go to visit a special place that allows everyone to enjoy the same Very pleasant memory of all these magical places like the Sacred Valley, and the magic mountain of Machu Picchu.

The most popular private tours in Machu Picchu

The tourism websites of Peru offer many tours for people who want to travel alone or in families; These packages include all the places of interest to visit, in Peru, specifically the area of ​​Cusco and the Sacred Valley of the Incas. Among the best options presented are the 10.6, 5, 4.2, and even one day tours; You can either leave by train to Machu Picchu or go by car.

One of the classic packages is the 4-day package that offers a tour of the entire city of Cusco, the Sacred Valley, the Incas and the incredible mountain of Machu Picchu. The private tour offers also offer tours of only 1 day of expedition to the mountain of Machu Picchu.

For those who wish to have as much experience as possible and fully know the entire Sacred Valley of the Incas, there are also tours available for up to 6 days, this tour offers to take visitors through all the attractions of Cusco, the Moras and Moray salt flats , the entire Sacred Valley and its picturesque villages full of millenary culture and tradition, and end the journey consecration in the wonderful ruins of private tour in Machu Picchu.

Everything is possible, and visiting Peru totally in private can also be achieved with a 10-day tour that includes knowing all of Lima, there will not be a site of the Inca empire that is not discovered. There are many tour packages offered by the web for the traveler interested in receiving a personalized service. There are many leading travel agencies in this type of tourism that offer many offers, and give excellent service to the traveler that include special treatment and first-class attention.

Knowing the most mysterious archeological ruins in South America is one of the most wonderful experiences for those who like to travel to mysterious places.

The treatment of the inhabitants of the Sacred Valley of the Incas towards the travelers is excellent, they strive to show their native culture, full of tradition and magic.

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