The 5 most popular typical gastronomic dishes of Cusco

The typical gastronomic dishes of Cusco, Peru, reveal a mixture of aboriginal and European elements. The gastronomy of this area is not closed to innovations and foreign influences; That is why it has distinguished itself nationally and worldwide.
Cusco cuisine is an example of Andean culture. We prefer to use the wood oven in front of the kitchen, the flavors that remember nature and the earth and the herbs used that are simple but give flavor to the dishes.

To obtain earthy flavors, tubers such as potatoes, celery and cassava are used. The figure of the potato is very important: it is native to Peru and is a reference to the traditions of the Incas.
In addition to this, there are about 300 potato species that are grown in the country, so this ingredient adds variety to the dishes.

The 5 typical gastronomic dishes of Cusco

1- Timpo

The timpo, also called puchero, is a soup that is prepared with the meat of the breast of the head of cow, pork and lamb.
To add flavor, you can add previously fried pieces of bacon. Season with herbs, salt and pepper to taste.
To accompany this dish, prepare a boiled rice, sweet potatoes (especially sweet potatoes), cassava, chickpeas and cabbage.
At the time of serving, the preparation of soup and rice are presented in separate dishes.

2- Guinea pig or guinea pig

Pepián is a dish prepared with guinea pig or rabbit. The procedure is the same: the animal is skinned, the viscera are removed and cut into four parts, one for each limb.
The pieces of meat are passed through the beaten eggs and then covered with cornmeal, wheat flour or breadcrumbs. Then fry in plenty of oil until the meat is very crispy.
To accompany this dish, prepare an onion dressing, garlic, red chilli and chives. All this is fried to highlight the flavors of the vegetables.
Pepián can be served with boiled potatoes, rice or boiled ears.

3- Rocoto stuffed

Rocoto is a kind of big pepper. To prepare this dish, cut the top of the rocoto and clean the inside, removing the heart and seeds.
At the same time, a stew is prepared with meat, peanuts, nuts, chili peppers, onions, cereals (beans, peas, beans), raisins and olives.
When the stew is ready, the rocots are full of this preparation.
Then, place the top of the rocoto, cover with the beaten eggs and fry them in plenty of oil. To accompany this dish you can prepare fried or boiled potatoes and rice.

4- Adobo

The marinade is prepared with pork cut into very thin pieces. This meat is marinated with alcoholic drinks, vinegar and spices.
The wood is cooked in terracotta pots, to give the pig an earthy flavor.

5- Chicharrón a la cuzqueña

Chicharron is a dish prepared with pork. This is cut into pieces and fried without adding oil, since the natural fat of this meat will do this job.
In Cusco we prefer to keep this dish simple. For this reason, no spices or herbs are added, with coarse salt.
The fried pork is served with corn or wheat bread, with ears of boiled wheat, potatoes or cassava. Usually, it is eaten for breakfast and patron and religious holidays.

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