What vaccines are needed for a trip to Peru?

No specific vaccines are required to visit Peru.

Vaccines to travel to Peru

No specific vaccines are required to visit Peru. However, it is absolutely advisable to get vaccinated against yellow fever, typhoid fever and hepatitis A. If you plan to go to the Amazon rainforest, also treat malaria and take all necessary precautions to avoid mosquito and insect bites.
During the summer (January-March), it is not uncommon for cholera epidemics to emerge, especially outside the large population centers.
Always consult your doctor before leaving to take all necessary precautions for a trip to Peru.

Precautions during the trip.

During your trip to Peru you will not always find the optimal hygienic-sanitary conditions, so it is good to follow small simple rules to have an optimal trip.

  • Drink only bottled water or water that has been cleaned, filtered or chemically treated;
  • Avoid eating fish, vegetables and raw meat;
  • Gradually, get used to the altitude to avoid altitude sickness;
  • If necessary, you prefer private hospitals where the level of facilities and the training of medical staff is significantly higher than the public.

Beware of altitude sickness, which can be dangerous. In order to recover more quickly, some rules apply: above all, you need to save energy, avoid physical exertion, walk slowly, rest well, drink plenty of water or tea or use a local remedy: chew coca leaves!

If you are thinking of a tour in the Peruvian Amazon, talk to your doctor about the manufacture of recommended vaccines, such as those of yellow fever and hepatitis A. Finally, do not rule out a vaccine against malaria.

First aid kit

A trip to Peru often involves pleasant walks in the Andes, so the risk of small accidents is always around the corner. To avoid being prepared, bring a first aid kit, which includes gauze, patches and disinfectant. In addition, travelers to Peru are often affected by dysentery, therefore, add antidiarrheal medications to your kit. Also take aspirin or acetaminophen, antihistamines and antibiotics with you.
It is also a good idea to have vitamins and nutritional supplements with you. Once you arrive in Peru, also buy some coca leaves, to drink in infusion or just to chew: they are an excellent natural remedy for altitude sickness!
Finally, wear sunscreen, sunglasses and a strong insect repellent, in case you want to visit the Amazon rainforest.

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