These three touristic attractions take place between the valleys of Cusco and Urubamba. Therefore, you can enjoy these places widely, no matter where is located your hotel.

The most relevant aspect of these lands (over 3500 m.a.s.l./ 11483 ft.), is the endless sightseeing landscapes of the sacred snowcapped mountains. In addition, these places to visit are above the plateau of Chinchero, that allows panoramic views everywhere.

In order to visit these places, you can count on our cultural and adventure routes in the sacred valley of the Incas.  The advantage of being part of our luxury tours is the information, stories, traditions, and many more atypical features, that belong to these ancient towns. In addition, you will visit other archaeological sites more.

Perhaps, there are some passengers, who would want to go exploring by their own, and they might need only transportation. At that case, we can offer you the best private transportation to visit the salt mines of Maras, as well, the circular terraces of Moray, also, the colorful town of Chinchero and even, anywhere you want to go.


We have 2 different tours to enjoy the rich heritage of the Incas.

The first one is the “Tour of Chinchero – Maras – Moray – Ollantaytambo”. Its duration is 8 hours. In addition, you can visit not only the already mentioned three attractions, also, you will get the chance to visit Ollantaytambo (the Inca town). Furthermore, this is a cultural and historical tour.

Our second tour is the “Extended Tour – Sacred Valley of the Incas”. It takes from 9 to 10 hours for visiting the highlights of the sacred valley. Therefore, you will visit more touristic attractions as, Pisac and Ollantaytambo.

Both services include a luxury touristic car, Professional tour guides and a complementary bottle of water.


Within this farming lands and archaeological sites there are some interesting activities. Which are not considered conventional routes, as our horseback riding and our other 2 options for ATV riding within the plateau of Chinchero-Maras-Moray.

About our horseback riding service, it’s a full day tour. It begins when we take you to La Hacienda, where the horses will be waiting for you. After that, we will ride horses until reaching Moray and Maras. On the back way to La hacienda, we will cross two suspended bridges.

In the case of our ATV ridings, both services are considered half day tours.

Our first route is the “ATV adventure Moray and Maras salt ponds”, which allows you to visit Maras and Moray through and exciting road on boards of ATVs. While, our second route is the “ATV tour, Huaypo and Piuray lakes”, therefore, by this adventure service you will visit Chinchero and its 2 precious lagoons.


These Andean areas have many handicraft shops, where you can learn the ancestral Andean techniques of weaving and dying, which is still used to create their typical clothes and textiles. In addition, these lands are the perfect space for Andean camelids, like the llamas and vicuñas, furthermore, the cochineal (a cacti worm), exist throughout the places full of cactus, and it’s used to ink the wool.

In addition, you could support the local economy, buying some souvenirs (blankets, ponchos, chullos, sweaters…) made by this ancestral masters on the art of textile productions in Chinchero. As well, you could take many pictures of the colorful atmosphere inside the textile center. Llamas will be all the time around us.

 Another place to buy some unique goods is Maras. Because its natural salt is only compared with the Himalayan salt. Due to its extraction is after a natural evaporation of the water in the ponds. Because those several ponds are fulfilled by salt water, which flows in a narrow water channel from an underground water source.

Also, there are good restaurants around Maras, from where, you can get panoramic views of the sacred valley of the Incas. As well, there are other adventure activities, that you can do by your own, while we take care of your private transportation on board of our exclusive and luxury car fleet.


Around the plateau of Chinchero, you could appreciate a variety of trees as queuñas, eucalyptus, pisonay… also many crops of corn, potatoes, wheat, and green beans. In addition, we will see many cactus, because are used to protect the limits of the farming lands.

About the fauna, during sunny days, it´s probably that we could see Andean Eagles in the sky, some gooses around the lagoons and llamas into the settlements along the road.

Now is time to decide, if you want to get our private cultural routes to learn more about our rich culture, or you want to visit some cultural places through an adventure route. While, if you don’t want to book a tour, we can offer you our private transportation around the entire Cusco and Peru. Just get in contact with us!

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