Pisac is the closest town from Cusco, located in the sacred valley of the Incas. Furthermore, the facilities within this colonial town are special due to the mixture of nationalities and ideas, which get represented in its streets and touristic sites.

Cusco transport wants to bring you the best experience before, during and after your trip in Cusco and Peru, therefore, we will show you all the benefits that we have for you, thanks to our touristic routes and private transportation services to visit Pisac.

As well, if you want to return to Cusco, you can get our hotel transfer services. No matter where is your destination, will bring you a high quality service. Because, in Pisac we can find A1 restaurants, luxury shops, a traditional handicraft market, jewelry shops, archaeological complexes and many more attractive places to visit.

Now is time to describe all about the town of Pisac, with the style of Cusco transport and tours.


In our gallery of luxury and private touristic routes, we can find 3 cultural tours, which take you to this awesome place.

The first one is the “ancient Inca sites in Cusco & Pisac”, this is our exclusive service, which connect the attractions in Cusco and the magnificent town of Pisac in only one day. Actually, this route takes 8 hours, because we will visit the cathedral, Qorikancha, San Pedro market and the white Christ in Cusco. After that, we’ll go straight to the archaeological complex of Pisac and finally we will visit its traditional market.

The second alternative is our “extended tour – sacred valley of the Inca”, which will allow you to explore through a variety of touristic places in the plateau of Chinchero as well as, in the sacred valley, that the reason of its duration: 9 – 10 hours. This tour will get you to visit not only this town, also, you will be able to visit Chinchero, Maras, Moray and Ollantaytambo.

Our third tour, that takes you to Pisac town is the “classic tour of the sacred valley”. This is the most popular of our private services, because is a lite touristic route, but includes 3 archaeological complexes (Pisac, Ollantaytambo and Chinchero), 1 textile center named “Awanakancha” (with llamas and vicuñas) and many places to buy some souvenirs.


In the case that, you want to enjoy the places to visit in Cusco, managing your own time, and deciding the places to go; our private transportation can satisfy your expectations. Because we will bring you the best touristic cars for your comfortability, also, your safety will be in charge of our professional chauffer.

In addition, you can count on our tailored tours, through this exclusive service, you could design your trips throughout Cusco, Sacred Valley of the Incas, wonderful Peru and some countries in south America. You just take care of relaxing yourself.


Within the streets of this ancient town, we can find many places to visit like the local handicraft market, which exist since long time ago. Nowadays, we can visit it in the middles of some streets, because, when it took place in the main square, the structures of the trading stands began to affect the underground of the historical main square.

In addition, you can find many restaurants, that prepare Peruvian, fusion and international cuisine. Besides, they use organic ingredients to cook delicious and aromatic dishes, which you can taste into a cozy atmosphere.

You aren’t able to visit these restaurants in regular touristic routes, but we can give you the opportunity to visit this town by our private transportation or our tailored tours.


This Andean jewel is located at 2972 m.a.s.l. (9751 ft.), 3o minutes away from Pisac town. This gorgeous place possesses several agricultural terraces, storages, water fountains, settlements sections, control points, sacred squares, and the best conserved popular Inca cemetery in the whole Peru. If you have binoculars, take them with you!


The most representative product in this town is the metal jewels, because, within these beautiful streets, there are masters in metallurgic, and they have their own factories and jewelry shops. In addition, they will explain you the whole process to transform pieces of metal into precious jewels.

As well, you could buy the best quality of textiles within the local market, also, there are paintings, which are executed by local artists. According to new researches, Pisac is the favorite place to foreign people and artists, therefore, you can find only unique pieces of Andean art.

Get in contact with this captivating town, and enjoy a new environment through our tours in the sacred valley, or if you want to visit this place without a tour guide, we can bring you only our luxury private transportation. By the way, we recommend you to ask for our tailored tours, which allows you to personalize your sightseeing journeys.


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