The best adventure journey to reach the wonderland of Machupicchu is the ancient Inca trail and we are glad to invite you to explore this pathway, within the high rainforest, with us.

Cusco transport and tours is a travel agency, that brings many touristic routes and transfers, throughout the Cusco and Peru. We focus in the high level services and products to offer you a luxury experience. That’s why, now we are introducing this first class hiking service to arrive to Machupicchu.

This alternative Inca trail of 2 days, gets a shorter trail than the Inca trail of 4 days, because, our starting point is at the 104Km. of the rail road tracks. Then will hike 6 – 7 hours approximately to reach the sun gate, which is the ancient entrance gate to Machupicchu. Besides, within the trail, we could visit 2 archaeological complexes more.

While, the second day will be used to visit the natural sanctuary of Machupicchu and then, return to Cusco. Even though, most of the journey is executed through path ways, all your transportation in luxury cars and services will be in charge of our professional staff by our “train station transfer” and “transfer with stops” services.

 Down below, we will explain you all about this Inca trail of 2 days.


Firstly, our chauffeur will pick you up from your hotel (in Cusco city or sacred valley), after that, we will go to the train station of Ollantaytambo. If you want to pack some snacks or bottles of water for the trail, you can do it here, because, this is the last place with markets and restaurants.

After boarding the train, it will take you to Chachabamba stop, that is located at the 104 kilometer (1150 m.a.s.l./ 3773 ft.). As well, our tour guide will welcome you to the Inca trail of 2 days. Thus, all together will cross the bridge above the Vilcanota river to show your ID card and entrance tickets at the check point of Culture Minister.


Since the beginning, you will have the opportunity to explore the Chachabamba complex, which is located 150 meter (492 ft.) away from the check point. It’s important to mention that, this first section of the trail on the way to Chachabamba is a flat trail. Just enjoy the natural atmosphere.

After this visit, we will hike through a steep trail to Wiñayhuayna archaeological complex. This ancient settlement is located at 2700 m.a.s.l. (8858 ft.) and holds a long system of water fountains, as well as, many agricultural terraces. Even, there are constructions to get astronomic views during day and night.

Finally, our last place to visit in the first day of this Inca trail is the “Inti Punku” (the gate of the sun), which has an impressive panoramic view of the whole Machupicchu. At this time our tour guide will tell you an introduction about this fascinating wonder of the world. Thus, the next day, you will be ready to get all the history in an easier way.

Further, in the whole second day, you will be exploring Machupicchu with our professional tour guides


As you might know, the historic sanctuary of Machupicchu boasts more than 400 species of orchids, which measure between 0,5 cm. and 2 meters. Due to the presence of humidity and rains along the 30000 hectares (300 Km2.), that Machupicchu has.

The most popular samples of flora are:

  • Orchids (orchidaceae): Around the world there are more than 3000 species of orchids, but along this Inca trail, you will see the “wiñayhuayna” and “waqanki” species. And many other ones more.
  •  Ferns (Pteridophytes): This flower is recognized like “living fossil plant”, and you could appreciate them around the Inti Punku. There are 15 registered species in the Inca trail.
  • Carnations (tillandsia aeranthos): This ornamental plant spread around south America, including Peru. Its main feature is, the flowers get three pink and blue sepals.

Obviously there are more flowers, brunches and trees, that will be explored by you.


The abundance of savage animals within the mountains of Machupicchu is unbelievable.

More than 700 species of butterflies, 423 bird species, 125 arthropod species, 53 mammal species, 22 reptile species, 13 fish species and 12 amphibian species inside this historic sanctuary, bring us another reason to visit it.


After enjoying the guided tour inside Machupicchu complex, you will take the train back to Ollantaytambo. By the way, the same chauffeur, who picked you up from your hotel at the first day, will be waiting for you in the entrance gate of Ollantambo’s train station.

Then, transfer back to your hotel in Cusco or the sacred valley, in a safe way. Thus you will be back in your hotel, after getting fascinated with our 2D Inca trail.

Get in contact with us, to ask about the itinerary or to get more information of this luxury Inca trail by Cusco transport and tours!

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