Not only, we can take you to this enigmatic place, also you can be part of our touristic journeys around these awesome Inca’s constructions.

Since long time ago, this ancient building is considered a sacred place, as well, all the surrounding areas became more popular due to its panoramic views of Cusco city. Also, many touristic activities and handicraft’s shops began to appear around this landscapes lately. 

Currently, this awesome archaeological center is part of our private classic city tour. Also you can visit it within our full day sightseeing city tour, which is a mixture of archaeological sites and daily Cusquenian places to visit. In addition, you can find Qenqo as a included attraction in our exclusive “Ancient Inca Sites in Cusco & Pisac” touristic service.

But if you want to explore Qenqo by your own, taking time for resting and pictures, we can offer you our “private transportation in Cusco” to take you in a safe way to Qenqo. As well, you can count on our “shuttle car in Cusco” service. So, you can spend your own time inside this complex, while we will be waiting for you to go for the next attraction or to take you back to your hotel. It’s up to you.

Well, let’s take an eye on the benefits provided by the visit to Qenqo!


This archaeological site is located at 3580 m.a.s.l. (11745 ft.), exactly 2km (1.2 mi.) away from Cusco’s main square. That is the reason of its privileged panoramic view of the whole valley of Cusco, decorated by eucalyptus trees an Qantu flowers (our national flower).

Actually, Qenqo is not a construction like others. Because, instead of building stone walls and terraces around, they used the natural state of this rocky out crop (limestone) to carve the interior narrow streets, altarpieces, sculptures, gates, windows and many other structures. All of them, executed by the Inca civilization to improve this supposed Centre for mummifications.

So, you can visit this important spot, as well as others by our touristic services in Cusco.

But if you want to explore these constructions managing your own time, you could count on our “private transport in Cusco” service. Thus, you could visit the high Qenqo (the most touristic sector), as well as, the low Qenqo, which is the second sector of the whole Qenqo archaeological center.

The advantage of visiting the low Qenqo, by our “private transportation in Cusco” service, is the natural environment and views. You can get a comfortable time within eucalyptus forests next to low Qenqo.


All the surrounding areas possess many archaeological remains, for example, you can walk 5 minutes from Qenqo and you could find a stone chair, used for the astronomical views made by the Willak Uma (Andean priest).

Or, if you want to explore no – touristic Inca’s remains, just you need to cross the car road and you will see a section of the original Inca trail and a religious construction. This place is the best spot for taking some impressive photos of you and your family, or your couple. Without a doubt, this is a dream spot for pictures.

Furthermore, if you have an adventurer soul and want to walk a little bit more around this nature, we can recommend you to walk to “the temple of the moon”. Because the path way to there, is flat and has panoramic views. But, you can do this visit only with our service of sightseeing transportation car in Cusco. You can not visit it in regular touristic services.

Another type of touristic service around these lands, is the horseback riding. There is a delimited route, so, you only relax and enjoy this excursion. You can find, as well, this kind of services in our exclusive “horseback riding and ATV” service.


The name Qenqo, is written in quechua language, and its English translation could be “labyrinth”, because all the narrow streets and carved underground ways, bring that perspective of a labyrinth. but if we focus in the history, the real name of this place could be “patallaqta” (the citadel above of something).

Because, during the recompilation of all sacred idols, made by the Royal Crown of Spain. They found the settlement of Pachacuteq, named Patallacta, located next to Sacsayhuaman, and in the inside part, they found the mummy of Pachacuteq. Currently many archaeologists though, that Qenqo is the residential palace of Pachacuteq.

Other theories postulate that, due to the proximity from Cusco city, this Qenqo could be the most important Centre to mummify dead Incas. Besides, some people though this Centre was used to make sacrifices of llamas and alpacas for the Sun God.

As you could notice, Qenqo is an interesting place to visit when you are in Cusco. So if you want to visit this site and other ones more take our private guided tours in Cusco, but if you want to take more time around Qenqo enjoying many attractions, ask for our “private sightseeing transportation in Cusco” services.


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