On the northeast mountains of Cusco city, there is a privileged Inca jewel, where the nature and culture merge to become an original religious shrine.


This wonderful area is a perfect spot for looking at an original wall construction, which defends several Inca shrines. As well, this wall was used by Manco Inka, during his rebellion in 1537.

Cusco transport and tours has many touristic services within Cusco, that include Sacsayhuaman into the itinerary. Let’s start with our “full day sightseeing of the Inca city of Cusco”, which allows you to visit a variety of touristic places between Inca remains and cultural centers. By the way, this is an exclusive service for all our visitors.

The second tour, that includes the visit to Sacsayhuaman, is the ancient Inca sites in Cusco and Pisac tour, which take you to discover interesting places in the city of Cusco, then keep exploring the closest archaeological sites from Cusco. Then you will go straight to Pisac, where you could visit a local handicraft market.

Finally, the third tour to Sacsayhuaman is the classic Cusco city. This touristic route takes you to visit the highlights of Cusco, and is one of the best tours to acclimatize your body to high lands. Therefore, it is the most popular tour in Cusco city.

But, if you want to visit this beautiful archaeological site, taking your own time to explore this location, we recommend you to take our service of luxury transportation in Cusco. Because, you could walk throughout the long Sacsayhuaman complex, which is an ancient religious shrine and fortress, located 10 minutes away from the main square of the city.

A propose of bringing all the necessary information to visit Sacsayhuaman, here we will show you, the reasons to visit this mystic place with us!


Sacsayhuaman is located at 3700 m.a.s.l. (12139 ft.), 2 Km. (1.24 mi.) away from the main square of Cusco. Upon your arrival to this Inca construction, you must show your entrance ticket (you can buy it there), and then, begin to walk through a queuña (polilepis) forest (flat pathway). After 10 minutes, you will already be in the middle of this long attraction.

This wide flat platform is surrounded by gorgeous Inca walls, which have 3 levels of frontal walls. Above the zigzag walls there are 3 bases of what were once Inca towers. In addition, around the other site of Sacsayhuaman, you could find a big ancient water pool (probably used for astronomic views). Absolutely incredible!

The best way to explore this archaeological remain is, taking our “private transportation in Cusco” service.

After enjoying Sacsayhuaman, you can walk back to the parking zone to return to Cusco or to go to Qenqo, which is 150 m. (492 ft.) away from Tambomachay (if you want, you can walk straight to the archaeological complex of Qenqo, it is not far at all).

At this place you could see, a carved rock in the middle of the settlement, as well as, ancient popular and privileged altarpieces. Additionally, you could get panoramic views of Cusco’s valley; If you look at this valley carefully, you will notice that, the whole valley is protected by a mountain range.


There are many activities to within these areas. Because the car road, which passes in front of Sacsayhuaman, goes to the sacred valley. Thus, we can recommend you to do:

The must-done activity in this Andean construction is, taking pictures of the Queuña (polilepis), that is a native tree from Cusco. Also you will have the opportunity to take pictures of the massive zigzag walls, and the background decorated by the white Christ sculpture.

Besides, you can hike up by rocky stairways to reach a natural afloration of limestone rock, known as “hatun tiyana” (the great seat). This kind of structures was used by the Andean priests (willac uma) to check the stars’ movements out, for the management of agricultural and festivities calendar. As well, you will take many awesome pictures from this spot.

In addition, if you take our service of “luxury transportation in Cusco” to visit Sacsayhuaman, we could make some stops to visit some handicraft centers, where you will get the opportunity to feed Andean camelids like llamas, alpacas vicuñas and guanacos. Because their habitat is within these altitudes.

Also, you could visit the textile centers, where, local women use ancestral weaving and dying techniques to produce several types of clothes and decorative products. This could be the best chance to buy some souvenirs for your couple, family and friends, because all the productions inside the textile centers are authentic and unique worldwide.


Sacsayhuaman was used as a solar shrine during the Inca period, due to the existence of rounded tower’s bases. That’s the reason for the existence of many high protection walls around. Furthermore, according to some historical documents, the real name of this space could have been “Sacsa Uma”.

By the way, a useful path way starts at this place. If we could go deeper following the main road inside Sacsayhuaman, after 6 hours, we might reach the sacred mountain of Senqa, located in the north of the valley of Cusco. Because, this mountain is used for the delimitation between Cusco and Chinchero districts.

Additionally, Sacsayhuaman is registered like one Andean temple of the Chinchaysuyo, it means that, during Incas time, sacred families used to come to this settlement to make some offerings after cleaning the entire religious shrine.

As you could read, Sacsayhuaman includes many activities and holds a lot of importance about culture.

Now is time to enjoy these magnificent places with us, our touristic tours in cusco and transfer services are awaiting for you!


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