There are many hotels in Cusco’s city, but just a few of them possess high quality facilities and services.

When you plan your visit to Cusco, you not only want to visit Machupicchu, also you want the best inn, where you could rest on confortable beds, inside a cozy atmosphere decorated by historical canvases. As well, after visiting Cusco you deserve the best services, like spa, sauna, massages and many other pleasurable activities.

Well, Cusco transport is always ready to solve all your necessities about tourism in Cusco and Peru. And now we will show you the best 10 luxury hotels in Cusco, where our “hotel transfer cusco” service can take you to.

Compare all the hotels in this list to choose the best one that suits you better!


This exclusive list of luxury hotels in Cusco stars by introducing you this monasterio hotel, which is part of Belmond hotels chain. According to history, the basement of this building was constructed in 1592 as well as the stone walls inside the facilities.

Here you can spend your days in Cusco resting between Inca walls and enjoying the best room services according to the modern world. In addition, you can enjoy the most varied and select food for breakfast and lunch in the restaurant tupay and illariy.

The advantage of this Monasterio Hotel is that you can enjoy the central yard where you can find a cedar tree of more than 300 years of life, additionally you can see the chapel of San Antonio Abad del Cusco which is one of the most ancient chapels in Cusco and Peru.

  • Location: 337 Plazoleta Nazarenas Street. One block away from main square.
  • Additional services: Massage room, Andean bath, artistic tours, cooking classes for children and adults, pisco sour lessons, events and meetings area.
  • Category: 5 stars.

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This hotel palacio del inka, is a spacious place to stay, being part of an old Inca and colonial mansion, the facilities of this hotel make you feel as if you were living in the time of the Incas, but with a touch of luxury and quality services.

The location of this hotel is very important because it is within the buffer zone used for the preservation of the Sun’s house (qoricancha), which even today can be visited and is located in front of this hotel. Also next to the hotel you can see the Cusi cancha, where Tupac Inca Yupanqui may have been born.

In this hotel you can enjoy the exclusive spa services: relaxation room, unu room, samary room, therapeutic room and a hydrotherapy pool. Here you can also learn how to cook Peruvian food or just relax yourself for a while in the hotel’s sauna.

  • Location: 259 Santo Domingo square.
  • Additional services: Sauna, spa, thermal water therapies, gym, cooking classes, artwork throughout the hotel, event and meeting areas.
  • Category: 5 stars.

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Take advantage of your stay in Cusco resting in one rooms of this hotel, because this construction is from colonial times and currently it is recognized as cultural heritage of Peru, due to inside the hotel you can find parts of pre-Inca, Inca, colonial and republican constructions, a true historical jewel.

Additionally, you can enjoy high level food made by professional chefs, you can also have a guided tour of the hotel facilities.  There are not only buildings that you can enjoy, there are also old canvases, colonial furniture and many treasures that you can see inside this hotel.

 Within the 153 rooms that exist within this hotel, all have oxygenation system, also offer facials, manicures and pedicures treatments, done by our professional staff, or if you want, you can spend some of your time visiting the spa and pool of the hotel.

  • Location: 432 Ruinas street (at the corner of Ruinas street and San Agustin street)
  • Additional services: Body wrap, exfoliation, couple’s massage, steam room, facial treatments, guided tours, restaurant, bar and event and meeting areas.
  • Category: 5 stars.

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This hotel is located inside the structure of a solar house of colonial time (XVII century) that you can still visit inside this hotel, in addition, most of the canvases that decorate these walls belong to the Cusquenian school of Art and were painted during the XVII, XVIII and XIX century.

Within the services of this hotel you can enjoy cooking lessons using ingredients produced in our fields, there is also a place where you can buy souvenirs and a large swimming pool to swim in the heart of the city of Cusco.

  • Location: 223 Nazarenas square.
  • Additional services: spa, swimming pool, guided tour inside, cooking classes for children and adults, glazed ceramic classes, children’s dress up time.
  • Category: 5 stars

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Located next to the most important temple of the sun since Inca time, exactly located in the small rimacpampa square (Rimac = to speak, pampa = plain.), where the incas used to announce reforms or news for the Inca populations. This same place currently is used by this hotel.

This worldwide hotel chain has several hotels in Cusco, since the services they offer which have always high quality, additionally the facilities get a unique style of mixing the Andes, colonial times and Inca culture.

Within this hotel you can enjoy professional massages, meals prepared by Alma restaurant, storage service, laundry, coffee kit and other services. It is worth mentioning that Casa Andina is pet friendly.

  • Location: 473 Plazoleta Limacpampa Chico.
  • Additional services: Massages, room service, luggage storage, coffee kit, ATM, internet center, bar, coffee shop, medical service.
  • Category: 5 stars

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This type of hotels has a different atmosphere because they bring a high quality with a style that they maintain since long time ago, mixing adventure and nature, as well the location of its facilities is just one block away the main square of Cusco.

Inside this hotel you can enjoy a unique welcome because they give you a gift, as well they offer you a cup of coca tea, and also you can enjoy personalized cooking classes or have a spa session by the professional staff who works for this hotel.

  • Location: 113 Nazarenas square.
  • Additional services: spa: Deep tissue, natural exfoliation, facial with quinoa real, hot stones, foot therapy, reflexology, Andes explorer kit, coca leaf reading, cooking class and nanny service.
  • Category: 5 stars.

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This hotel chain is one of the largest in the world. That is why Cusco has one of those hotels. This gigantic modern structure allows passengers from all over the world to enjoy the quality of Hilton hotels also in the Cusco Valley.

Within its facilities we can find spacious rooms, a restaurant where you can eat the best food in Peru and additionally all the time you will have an incredible view of the valley of Cusco.

The advantages of staying here is that it is located in the neighborhood of Santa Ana (one of the oldest in Cusco), also all touristic vehicles go through this road to Machu Picchu. In addition, the restaurant will serve you meals 24 hours, and you could enjoy the open courtyard, spa and yoga areas which make your stay a better journey.

  • Location: 207 Abancay Av.
  • Additional services: spa, sauna, yoga room, meeting room, Garden Grille Restaurant.
  • Category: 5 stars

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This hotel is at the forefront of the world due to its facilities and location. If you want to stay and rest in a hotel that has around A1 restaurants, craft centers to buy souvenirs and additionally want to have a spectacular view of the largest water fountains in the city of Cusco. This hotel will fulfill all these expectations.

Additionally, inside these rooms you will find since safe boxes until hair dryers, also you can enjoy the restaurant, private bathroom in all rooms, heating system and wifi all the time.

  • Location: 954 Sol Av.
  • Additional services: mamaji restaurant, bar, shopping area, pizzeria, medical assistance, room service.
  •  Category: 4 stars

hotel transfer” and “airport transfer” services will take you until this hotel!


This hotel is located in the center of the city of Cusco, and its facilities are set with colonial art, you can also enjoy spacious rooms and well implemented areas for the best rest after enjoying the wonders of Cusco.

In this hotel you can find beautiful gardens where you can take pictures, Jacuzzi in the rooms and the restaurant where chefs prepare Peruvian food with organic ingredients.

Due to the hotel’s proximity to the center of the city, you can reach the main square in just 5 minutes, as well as other nearby places such as restaurants, museums and bars.

  • Location: 239 San Agustin street.
  • Additional services: Jacuzzi, massage, self-service laundry, medical facilities, newspaper service, meeting facilities.
  • Category: 4 stars.

This hotel is included in the frequent routes of our “hotel transfer” and “airport transfer” services in Cusco.


Within the facilities of this hotel; you can find all the services that you need for your stay in Cusco.

Located two blocks away the main square, this hotel has portals in its interior that transport you to the years of the Spanish colony. You can also enjoy the most outstanding food prepared in the paprika restaurant (one of the best in Cusco).

You can also find suitable places for meetings, lobbies to enjoy some takings with friends, old-style courtyards, souvenirs and many more spaces.

  • Location: 344 Santa Teresa street.
  • Additional services: massages, spa, storage service, breakfast, souvenirs, hair dryer, touristic information spot.
  • Category: 4 stars.

You can book our “hotel transfer” and “airport transfer” services in Cusco to go to this hotel!

We hope with all this information you have been able to choose the best hotel for your stay in Cusco, while we, Cusco transport, will take care of your transportation and tours in Cusco and Peru. Just contact us!

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