When we travel to other places, we can enjoy the landscapes, people, tourist attractions, and many activities that can be done in all parts of the world, but if we want to learn more about a specific place we really need to taste its food, because gastronomy Is the best way to understand a society.

Cusco Transport has made a list of the best restaurants in Cusco, where you can find the best gastronomy from Cusco, as well as from the rest of Peru and we’ve added some really nice Italian, Japanese and fusion food restaurants too. 

Choose wherever you would like to eat during your visit to Cusco and we take care of bringing you to these restaurants to enjoy the best dishes in Cusco, and once you have enjoyed these delicious foods, we also take care of taking you back to your hotel.

1. Illariy Restaurant.

Let´s start the list with a special restaurant, because if you want to enjoy your meals, surrounded by colonial arcs, this is the best place for you. Furthermore, you can taste the best desserts and meals in the middle of a large backyard. By the way, the sunset landscape from this place is so impressive, but unfortunately, we can see these views, only if the weather is good.
If you want to join high quality cuisine, and Peruvian food, this restaurant can satisfy your expectations.

You can visit this restaurant after your tour in the city.

  • Location: 337 Nazarenas square (Inside Monasterio hotel).
  • Open: Monday – Sunday (Breakfast: 5:00 – 10:30 hrs. Lunch: 11:30 – 18:00 hrs.)
  • Cuisine: Regional, national and Peruvian
  • Average price: S/ 74.00 – S/ 189.00

2. MAP café

Located in the courtyard of a museum in Cusco, the MAP Cafe offers delicious meals in a fairy-tale setting. Its atmosphere is placed into a glass trailer and illuminated with candles all over. The cafe provides for a nice place to rest and enjoy a good meal after visiting Cusco. This small place, with its beautiful ambiance and gorgeous location, makes for one of the best meals in the city of Cusco.

After your full day tour in Cusco, we can take you to this restaurant!

  • Location: 231 Nazarenas square (inside Museo de Arte Precolombino)
  • Open: Monday – Sunday (12:00 – 21:00 hrs.)
  • Cuisine: Peruvian and Latin American (international)
  • Average price: S/ 52.00 – S/ 241.00.

3. Incanto

Incanto offers a unique environment to enjoy your meals, because the walls are made up of the stones of an Inca palace that used to occupy this area in ancient times, combined with new structures that bring a comfortable and interesting atmosphere.

This restaurant is focused on sharing an Italo– Peruvian flavor in the delicious dishes that you will enjoy. If you want to taste the best Italian cuisine in Cusco, you can surely  find it at Incanto.

We would like to recommend the home made pastas, pizzas and bread, baked in their traditional clay oven, and if you want some high quality wine, there is a nice selection on the   wine list, as well.

The best end for your journey visiting the ancient Cusco.

  • Location: 135 Santa Catalina Angosta street (close to the Plaza de Armas)
  • Open: Monday – Sunday (11:30 – 23:00 Hrs.)
  • Cuisine:  Italian, Peruvian, Latin American, Pizzas
  • Average price: S/ 20.00 – S/ 70.00.

4. Limo Peruano Nikkei

The thematic of this restaurant is inspired by the “aji limo” which is the main ingredient we use for preparing ceviche, and is an icon of Peruvian cuisine.

The mixture of ingredients growing in Peru and the Japanese cooking techniques result in a completely new style of enjoying meals.

This Nikkei restaurant is located on the second floor of a typical Cusquenean house where you can enjoy a lovely view from its balcony.

If you want to eat some good meals after your full day tour in Cusco, this is the perfect place.

  • Location: 236 Portal de Carnes – 2nd floor (main square).
  • Open:  every day (12:00 – 20:00 hrs.)
  • Cuisine: Japanese, Peruvian, Asian, fusion, organic.
  • Average price: S/ 25.00 – S/ 170.00.

5. Inka Grill

Inka Grill Cusco is part of a worldwide restaurant chain, that offers Peruvian food, some authentic dishes and most importantly quinoa, as they really know how to value Andean cereal.

The variety of options on the menu will let you have an intense experience, more so as the service is completely efficient and polite.

Located at the main square of Cusco, impressive service, serene atmosphere. If you want a romantic spot with good meals, this is the place.

Take a rest and delicious food here, after traveling trough cusco’s history.

  • Location: 115 Portal de Panes – 1st floor.
  • Open: Monday – Sunday (11:30 – 23 hrs.)
  • Cuisine: Peruvian, Italian, regional, fusion.
  • Average price: S/ 32.00 – S/ 158.00

6. Cicciolina

One of the most important things that make up a culture is the gastronomy. Everywhere in Peru we can taste different flavors and Cusco is no exception. In this restaurant you can taste the original meals of Cusco, which are prepared daily following the traditional cooking techniques.

But you need to go early or make a reservation, because this is a not only a touristic restaurant, it is also very popular with the locals.

Cicciolina is located next to the cathedral of Cusco, they offer authentic dishes which contain guinea pig, boiled corn, beverages like frutillada.

  • Location: 393 Triunfo street– 2nd floor.
  • Open: Monday – Sunday (8:00 – 22:00 Hrs.)
  • Cuisine: traditional, regional, national, fusion.
  • Average price: S/ 39.00 – S/ 59.00

7. Green Point

This is a different type of restaurant as Green Point offers a plant – based cuisine, where you can discover that 100% organic meals can be totally delicious.

Specialized in vegan food, they prepare the best meals 100% free of animal products, or genetically modified products. Even the water used for preparing the meals and drinks is free of chemical or toxic particles.

Besides, they prepare organic buffets for celebrating holiday or birthday parties with a natural forma of cooking delicious and unique food.

  • Location: 235 Carmen Bajo street
  • Open: Monday – Sunday (8:00 – 23:45 Hrs.)
  • Cuisine: vegan, vegetarian, Peruvian, healthy, international.
  • Average price: S/ 32.00 – S/ 79.00.

8. Pirqa

Pirqa restaurant is a service offered by JW Marriott Hotels. Located in a colonial monastery from the XVI century, you can find some surprisingly modern food here using national ingredients like yellow potatoes, trout, quinoa and chocolate from Quillabamba. Have a fine culinary taste inside a historic place considered by the government as humanity’s cultural heritage, combining the architecture of the Incas with a colonial superstructure.

This restaurant is located next to the entrance gate of the Marriott hotel, just two blocks away from Cusco’s main square. Absolutely high level of service and meals.

  • Location: 432 Ruinas Street.
  • Open: Monday – Sunday (12:00 – 21::00 Hrs.)
  • Cuisine: Peruvian, fusion, international, gourmet.

9. Organika

This is a restaurant that prepares healthy and organic meals, that support sustainable development, because Organika has its own farming lands in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, from where they harvest their ingredients for all the offered meals.

All the meals including the soup, main dishes, desserts and beverages are absolutely delicious and healthy.  We would surely hope to see more of this kind of restaurants around Cusco.

  • Location: 410 Resbalosa street
  • Open: Monday – Sunday (12:00 – 22::00 Hrs.)
  • Cuisine: Fusion, regional, Peruvian, vegetarian.
  • Average price: S/ 20.00 – S/ 49.00.

10. Chicha by Gastón Acurio

If we have heard about Peruvian cuisine maybe we should know the Peruvian chef Gaston Acurio who is basically one of the most important people in recent Peruvian gastronomy history. Since the 90’s chef Acurio revolutionized local gastronomy, not only making it more famous internationally, but also generating a value chain that revalued local products, agricultural workers and farmers.

Chef Acurio’s Restaurant Chicha is located in the Plaza Regocijo, only one block away from the Plaza de Armas, the main square of Cusco. Restaurant Chicha promotes the millenary wisdom behind Cusco´s gastronomy in a comfortable environment.

You can visit this restaurant after your tour in the city.

  • Location: 261 Regocijo square – 2nd floor.
  • Open: Monday to Sunday (12:00 – 22:30 hrs).
  • Cuisine: Local, regional, national Peruvian and fusion.
  • Average price: S/ 65.00 – S/ 288.00

Now as you will pick your favorite restaurant, we are happy to take care of your transportation so you may comfortably go around Cusco.

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