In this ancient city of Cusco, you can not only visit cultural places, also you can live some fantastic times, doing many interesting activities with your whole family.

Not everything in Cusco is only cultural tours and talks about history, there are also activities for nature lovers such as horseback riding above Cusco, or riding a ATV in Cusco and around huaypo and piuray lakes, to get the oportunity of navigating in boat on one of these lakes. As well, there are incredible journeys like visiting a telescope center and see the universe, or if you love animals, you can go to an Andean zoo and see the animals of these areas, even though there are creative activities like going to a chocolate museum and make your own chocolate or Peruvian food.

At this opportunity Cusco transport will recomend you the best entertainment spots in cusco, where you and your family can enjoy the views, live different experiences and share smiles. choose the place for visiting and we will take care of your tranportation in cusco and of your visit to these fun places described down below.


This international company offers several products of unparalleled quality, produced with 100% organic cocoa, But they don’t only sell products of chocolate, they also offer a variety of workshops that can be done with the whole family.

  • If you were fascinated with the flavor of all our typical dishes have, during your visit to Cusco and Peru, the Peruvian cooking workshop is for you. Because in this workshop time, children and adults can learn all about the ingredients of each Peruvian food, which will be purchased in the local market and then you will learn to cook, using these local goods, ceviche or lomo saltado or some other Peruvian food. All the time during this culinary adventure, you will be guided by a professional chef.
  • If you are a chocolate lover, this place will become the paradise for you, because here you can not only buy all the chocolate bars you want in different flavors, colors and smells. but also you can learn to make your own chocolate from having the cocoa bean in your hand, then roast it and produce your own chocolate adding your personal touch, all this process always will be done with the monitoring of a chocolate processing instructor.

Open: 9 AM – 6PM

¡Lets go to chocomuseo in a safe way by contacting us for taking our private taxi service in Cusco!


This animal shelter, denominated “animal santuary” is a private refuge, where the professional staff and volunteers take care of all the animals from Andes, that were injured by humans or that were saved by the environmental police.

In this refuge you will be able to appreciate many majestic animals such as:

  • The Andean condor. A kind of bird of prey. This huge birds can get a measure of 1.60 meters high and 5 meters wide, in addition, these birds have only one couple in their entire life (they are monogamous), besides, they can live in different altitudes, since the coast until the Andes.
  • Andean bear. Worldwide there are six types of bears, and inside the hole continent of America only here in Peru you can find the famous spectacled bear. This Andean bear usually lives in the Peruvian jungle, including the areas around Machupicchu.
  • Andean camelids. Here you will be able to find the four types of Andean camelids (guanaco, llama, alpaca and vicuña) that usually walk around the refuge and want to share some pictures with you.

Additionally, you can see eagles, hawks, chinchillas, andean cats and many other native animals.

Open: 07:30 AM to 05:30 PM

We will take you to this animal refuge by our transportation in Cusco and peru, also within the road, we can make a stop for taking some panoramic pictures of cusco’s valley.


All around Cusco, there is only this telescope center, so this is the unique place in Cusco from where you can see the sky and the universe with a high quality of views.

In this interesting touristic activity, you will have a briefing about the stars and their connection with the Inca culture in order to understand everything we will see in the sky. Then we will be able to use the highest quality professional telescopes, it is up to you if you want to visit the planetarium during the day and see the sun through a solar filter or if you want to go at night and see the moon, stars, constellations and some planets.

It is worth mentioning that all these observations with the use of the telescope will always be conditioned to the weather and cloudiness of the day you will visit.

Open: 5:30 pm to 8:00 pm (other hours are allowed by reservation).

¡get ready to see our endless universe full of incan constellations! Just contact us for going to this place with our relible service of shuttle car in Cusco


Get ready to ride horses in Cusco around Sacsayhuaman, temple of the Moon, Chacan and many other constructions. Or if you want, take the horseback riding in the sacred valley.

This touristic activity is done following a delimited trail, with trained horses, and always with the company of a specialized tour guide in horseback riding.

Thus, yo could enjoy safely these unique ways to visit the natural environment of Cusco and the sacred valley of the incas, within eucalyptus and queuña forests, making stops for visiting archaeological sites, and all the time taking impressive photos.

This tour can be done during the whole day in different schedules, to take advantage of the sun’s hours.

These adventure services in Cusco are designed for all ages, contact us to enjoy this family activity.


If you want a bit of adrenaline in your visit to Cusco, riding a ATV could bring you that dosis.

There are 2 options, the first one is our service “ATV Maras Moray“, which is a road between the natural salt mines of maras and the archeological complex of Moray. Meanwhile the second option is ” ATV Piuray and Huaypo lakes” carrying on a road from the district of Chinchero to go around the piuray and Huaypo lakes, where you could get the option to take a boat and navigate on the crystalline waters of Huaypo lake.

Relax into the peace of this environment, sitting in a boat on the middle of this lake!

Come with your family and enjoy all these alternative touristic service in Cusco, pick the best family activity you want and Cusco transport will be happy to take all your family to this places.

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