Known as the city of the kings, Lima is the capital of Peru, and its historical main square is the most important colonial place in the whole Peru. Therefore, the cultural and historical richness of Peru is surrounding all these ancient streets.

By the way, there are many interesting activities to do around the historical Lima areas, and Cusco transport can take you to discover these fascinating places in a different way.


Like a sample of our tours in Lima, we are glad to introduce you an exclusive “Lima tasty gourmet tour”, which allows you to taste a variety of Peruvian color flavors and aromas, through historical streets, touristic attractions and the best Peruvian restaurants. If the Peruvian cuisine drives you crazy, this is the best tour in Lima for you. We offer you private tasty tours, as well as in groups.

As well, we have the luxury Lima city tour and Larco museum, which let you explore not only into the historic and culture of lima, but also get submerged into peruvian art. Ancient and contemporary pieces of art, are exposed in the museum of Larco. This is the most complete tour in Lima, because you will see specific features from different times.

Furthermore, you can count on our Lima city tour, to explore only the colonial construction in the city. If you’re going to be part of this touristic route, we will be able to visit the Huaca Pucllana, Cathedral, San Francisco Catacombs, Larco Museum, and many more colonial and republican places. This is the best option for history lovers.

And finally, we designed an unbelievable tour to Pachacamac, that is an ancient settlement (before Inca’s times). In addition, on the car road, you could appreciate an ecological reserve named as “Pantanos de Villa”.

All these touristic itineraries from Cusco transport and tours, are including the best car fleet and professional drivers and tour guides.

But, if you want to enjoy Lima city by your own, you can reserve our private transportation in Lima and Peru. Because, while you are exploring by yourself the best places in Lima, our drivers will be waiting for you, to keep going wherever you want. (Hotels, restaurants, airport, attractions, …)

Now, let’s see what we can see around the Plaza de Armas of Lima, which are not necessary historical spots.


Into the surrounding streets of the main square of Lima, we can appreciate and be part of some fun places like:


If you, your couple, family or friends are chocolate lovers, and want to live a unique experience in Lima. Then, ChocoMuseo could satisfy your expectations by their chocolate lessons, cooking lessons and more.

In this free chocolate museum, you can experience the whole process to produce different kinds of chocolate since the recollection of cocoa seeds, until the decoration of your own chocolate bar.

Besides, you can relax in the chocoshop, tasting the best Peruvian coffee and chocolate. Because, all the chocolate production is a handmade process. In addition, they use natural ingredients and 100% Peruvian cocoa.

Apropos, Cusco transport and tours, can transport you to this attraction by our exclusive transportation in Lima and whole Peru.


This is a popular destination for many people around the world. Because, inside this long park, we can appreciate many water fountains, even, you will appreciate the longest water fountain in the world, which is the main water foundation osf the whole park. In addition, you could see projected videos in the water falls.

 As well, this is the best spot in Lima for children and families, due to the water fountains, long gardens, artistic portals, pieces of art, videos, music, games and more. Take advantage of your stay in lima to visit it.

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The national fermented beverage made from grapes in Peru is named Pisco. So, inside this place you will taste all the variations that pisco gets. Therefore, you could enjoy fun moments with your friends and family.

Also, they prepare exclusive Peruvian food, and the atmosphere is clean and safe all the time.

Count on us to transport you around lima and Peru


Actually this is not a touristic attraction, but we want to let you know the existence of one of the best hotels in South America. This hotel is located close to the historical center of Lima, and its facilities are guaranteed worldwide. That means, if you overnight at Sheraton hotel, your touristic journeys throughout Lima will be easier.

We can book your accommodation in this hotel through our touristic packages in Peru.


Due to lima is the capital of Peru, many international brands have settled in this city to offer their services and products within the ancient streets of the city.

Actually, in La Union street, we can find Starbucks cafe, mc Donald restaurants, KFCs, and many other place to drink and eat, as if you were in your original country.

As you could read, the Plaza de Armas (main square) of Lima, not only boasts a historical heritage, but also, you can find many modern activities, which are included in our touristic tours in Lima. But if you want to explore the mentioned places by your own, take our exclusive transportation in Lima.


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