A Walking around the millenarian Plaza de Armas (main square) of Cusco is mandatory at the time you visit Cusco. From the impressive façade of the cathedral, passing through its surrounding colonial portals, to be able to buy some souvenirs around. This sacred place is still a meeting point for different cultures and nationalities.

Additionally, this magnificent main square is a historical place, as important as the whole city of Cusco. So, if you want to know about all this rich Cusco’s history, you can be part of our private traditional city tour or the full day city tour. By the way, if you want to go exploring through the narrow streets, you can get our private walking tour service. Or if you want to visit Cusco and Pisac, we have the “ancient Inca sites” service.

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Now, it’s time to submerge into the magnificent legacy of the “Plaza de Armas” of Cusco.


Nowadays, we can appreciate many economic activities around this main square, specially travel agencies, restaurants, bars, cafes, jewelry shops, textile shops and many other places too. Even, you can visit some museums around.

Furthermore, you could appreciate the colonial portals around the main square, each block of the portals has a different name, and the facilities, over these portals, are built of mud brick, which hold wide balconies. in addition, there is no high building nor modern constructions around, because Cusco is denominated as “Cultural heritage of the humanity”.

As you could notice, there are several options to enjoy your days in Cusco, and Cusco transport can take you to these places.


According to many travel magazines, Cusco is a dream place, due to its colonial and Incan features. Thus, you can walk through Inca walls and streets, taking many unique photos of the cathedral of Cusco, built in 1668, or you can take some pictures of “the sacred family” convent, which is one of the most beautiful temple’s façade in the Americas.

Also, you can walk through the portals, while keep in mind the name of each one, because all the portal names are based on the goods, that were sold below these portals. An interesting sample is, the block where is located the KFC is named as “meat portal” since ancient times, because below these portals, the people who used to sell meat of pork or alpaca, beef, and other kinds of meat more.

In addition, you could see and touch some Incas constructions, which were well polished, that why, archaeologists and historians said that these buildings probably were palaces of many Incas. For example, if you walk through the “portal de panes” (portal of bread), you will appreciate in the middle of this block, a stone wall section, which was owned possibly by the main Inca Huayna Capac.

As well, you can enjoy delicious meals in the restaurants around the Plaza de Armas. Not only that about some meals, also you could drink some beverages in the bars around, which gets unforgettable atmospheres that include colonial balconies. Don’t care about the transportation to return to your hotel. Count on us for it!

Besides, we can take you to some souvenir’s shops, or to your preferred one. Take your time to decide the best souvenirs for your family and friends, while we wait for you to transfer back to your hotel in a safe way with a good fare.


This beautiful main square is a meeting spot for different cultures since long time ago, actually before the settlement of human beings in these areas, the ground around was a marsh, after the arrival of the Incas, they began to cover this marsh with sand, which was moved from the Peruvian beaches.

This fact can sound to you like a story, but during the excavations in 1995, executed by the minister of Culture, they could find particles of white sand under the central water fountain of the Plaza de Armas, and even, they could find some artistic pieces made of gold and silver, which represent llamas.

Because, if we read the chronicles and history books, we can notice that, during the Inca period, this geographic space was known as “hawkaypata” (hawkay = to enjoy, pata = above), in English, we can translate as (the place of enjoying). Due to, in this area, the most important ceremonies of the Inca calendar took place.

During the colonial and republic periods, this main square was used for the murder of many native people. As well, in 1781 Tupac Amaru II, was killed by the crown of Spain, because he began the revolution to reach the independence, but couldn’t get success. Due to these sad events, the people began to call it “wak’aypata” (the place for crying).

Now, you have a better perspective of this famous Plaza de Armas of Cusco, and it is time to plan your vacation in Cusco and Peru. So, Cusco transport can help you with that, just contact us. And if you are already in the city of Cusco, count on us to bring you our “transfer in Cusco” or “shuttle car in Cusco” service.


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