“In this blog you will learn about “the history of motorized vehicles in Cusco, and its link with the touristic services that includes Cusco transport as an active character in the development of a luxury tourism in Cusco

Since many years ago the city of Cusco has been receiving tourists from different nationalities of the world. For this reason, this beautiful city gradually incorporated new hotels, restaurants, tourist agencies and of course new means of transportation such as vehicles.



The first vehicles in Cusco were imported from the United States in the early twentieth century, exactly in 1915, when the Cusquenian businessman Martin Mendoza del Castillo decided to buy 5 Ford Model T cars and two trucks to start providing the first transportation service in Cusco. In this way, transportation in the city of Cusco began to change, although it wasn’t an optimum change, due to the streets of Cusco, which were paved with stones in those years. That old type of paviment affected a little bit the transportation within the city of Cusco by those new vehicles.

The first routes that were covered by these new vehicles were short stretches within the city, and eventual excursions to Sacsayhuaman or some surrounding farms, even when they began to use this type of motorized transport, the municipality of Cusco´s district prohibited its use because they said it could affect the soil of the streets in the city where they passed by, despite this order, the transport company of Martin Mendoza ignored these rules and continued bringing this transport services for local people.

After the arrival of motorized vehicles to Cusco, the modernization of the city began. Although a new problem arose, almost all the streets of Cusco and its towns around were not paved, they were only covered with stones; for this reason, since 1940 the municipality of Cusco decided to pave almost all the streets of Cusco to optimize vehicular transport for foreign tourists who began to arrive increasingly to Peru more and more, due to the discovery of Machupicchu that gradually improved the popularity of Cusco and Peru worldwide.

During the final years of the twentieth century, tourism in Peru had become a new industry, registering in 1996 the visit of approximately 552 thousand tourists, which made us realize that we needed many improvements to continue growing as a tourism icon in the world.


That is why, in the 21st century, Mr. Lino Ugarte began to realize that Peru needed an exclusive automobile transportation company that would offer professional transportation services for foreign tourists. That wish of implementing a national touristic transportation company became real in 2011, when Mr. Lino together with a professional staff that supports him founded Cusco transport to try to revolutionize touristic transportation in the city of Cusco, Lima, Ica, Arequipa and Puno.

Since the first years of operation, we incorporated to our fleet of vehicles in Peru, sedan cars and SUV vehicles, which are used for the transportation of couples or single people who decide to visit the wonders of Peru, we also incorporated mini VAN buses for groups of up to 5 people, and additionally we included short and long buses, for groups from 6 to 30 people.

This fleet of vehicles provides a better modernization of tourism in Cusco and Peru, in addition, our vehicles provide security, comfort and luxure to all passengers.

But not only modernity comes thanks to the fleet of vehicles, also includes the driver´s instructions. Our drivers are permanently trained in many aspects of touristic transportation like car´s mechanics, sanitary protocols and customer service.


Before the pandemic, the number of passengers arriving to Peru was 3,500 million tourists per year, which made us realize that the touristic transport could not work in the best way if the touristic agencies did not make the transport reservations with a prudent time in advance. due to these kind of problems, the evolution of our company was necessary to provide better experiences to tourists and become what we are today: Cusco transport and tours.

In this way Mr. Lino and his work group shows us that tourism in Cusco is a substantial economic activity since many years ago, and if we want to give a unique experience to our visitors, we must put emphasis on communication between the company’s staff and passengers, always keeping in head that constant innovation of companies generates a prestigious brand like “Cusco transport and tours” that can interconnect vehicular transport and touristic tours at an optimal way to give the best touristic service in Cusco and throughout Peru.

In conclusion, the history of transportation in Cusco began as a local activity, after the discovery of Machupicchu, touristic transportation became an urgent need to let the movement of tourists that day by day is still increasing. At the beginning of the XXI century, the touristic transport was already supplied with a modern fleet of vehicles for tourism, but it was necessary to articulate a national touristic transport system that could make any touristic route with a high quality.

Which is done by our company, because, to bring an original service is not only necessary to implement new vehicles for our touristic transport services, also is necessary to offer tours throughout Peru interrelating: transportation, guided tours, quality, comfort and luxure. These are the main characteristics to become what we are today: Cusco transport and tours.

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