The first time, when you arrive to Cusco, the altitude sickness could affect your staying in the city. but the best way to acclimatize your body is resting within the long sacred valley of the Incas. As well, there are many hotels and restaurants, that let you enjoy the mixture between nature and luxury.

These unbelievable landscapes, plus the surrounding nature, plus the hospitality of the local people results in an unforgettable experience. Furthermore, the touristic facilities inside this valley like restaurants and hotels, improve the staying of tourists widely.


You can visit the Urubamba town by our services in the sacred valley of the Incas:

If you want to do the traditional Sacred valley tour, you can reserve ours. In comparison with other travel agencies, we offer you a personalized route, high quality of information and the best restaurants (in Urubamba) to enjoy our delicious Peruvian food. Obviously, a safe car road is guaranteed by us.

But, if you want to explore the entire valley and surroundings, you can count on our extended sacred valley tour. Which allows you to visit the best places that were included in different regular touristic tours, but just in one day. Besides, the lunch time will take place in Urubamba.

In addition, you can visit Urubamba by our Tour to Chinchero – Moray – Maras – Ollantaytambo. This exclusive route, of Cusco transport, brings you a new way of travelling through the Andean sites between Cusco and Urubamba valleys. Also, you will visit Urubamba to have a buffet lunch (reserve it with us).

Despite the lunch, in these touristic routes, takes place in Urubamba, but we cannot visit the attractions of this town. Due to the itinerary, when you are in a guided tour. But we have the solution: Get in contact with us to ask for our tailored tours or our transfer with stops.

Now, you know how to get to Urubamba, but we want you to be clear about what you can find in this ancestral town.


This warm valley is full of luxury hotels, actually the best hotels in Cusco are located in this valley. Like a sample, we can talk about Tambo del Inka hotel, Rio Sagrado hotel, Casa Andina hotel and many other ones, which get less category.

In addition, you can taste a variety of flavors and aromas, inside gourmet restaurants like wayra restaurant, or Hawa restaurant, as well, Huacatay restaurant, even, 3 Keros restaurant, and many more restaurants throughout the sacred valley of the Incas.

By the way, Urubamba is located 67 Km. (41.6 mi.) northeast away from the city of Cusco, and it’s considered the “Capital of the Sacred Valley of the Incas”. As well, has the best climate in the whole region of Cusco. Because it has an annual climate range of 23°C (73.4°F) during the days, and 5°C (41°F) during nights.

Along this valley there are several ancient Inca constructions, as well, many natural spots to take a nap, even, there are many touristic facilities in both sides of the Vilcanota river, which flows through this district.

Due to its privileged climate, these lands are the best ones to seed the world’s largest corn, known like “the giant white grain of Urubamba”. Also you will get the opportunity to see many varieties of Andean flora like queña, pisonay trees, chachacomo, etc. and many samples of Andean fauna too.

Another fascinating point to visit this town is the panoramic views of the Urubamba mountain range, where you could appreciate the Veronica snowcapped mountain (in ancient times known as wakaywillka mountain), the Chicon mountain, Velo de novia snowcapped mountain and many other high mountains too.


As you know, Urubamba is the most important place into the Sacred Valley of the Incas, for this reason, among its territory there are many important touristic destinations.

So, you can take your own time in the main square. where you can observe the local people in their daily living, as well, you can appreciate its colonial temple, that holds a renaissance façade, while its base is a sample of the Inca expansion.

You can walk to this square, only if you stay at some hotel in this urban area of Urubamba, but if your hotel is located next to the river or outside from the district. We can help you to transport you to this “Plaza de Armas” of Urubamba and many other attractions like:

The palace of Sayri Tupac, located in the neighborhood of Yucay (the ancient capital of Urubamba). At this palace, you could explore through its narrow streets and see the architectural techniques used in this construction. The advantage of visiting this palace, is the quiet atmosphere, that involves the whole building.

Further, our tailored tours allow you to visit several place, where you want to know, like a good spot for take panoramic pictures of the river, viewpoints for some pictures of the landscapes, some handicraft shops, even, we can take you to close andean communities and neighborhoods.

All these activities are not included in the regular touristic services in the sacred valley. But our “transfer with stops” or “tailored tours” can bring you the great opportunity to discover Urubamba in a new way. Get in contact with us, to personalize your journeys.

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